Here are some Apps for the Sharp Zaurus, written in Java.

First entry is a Shell for the famous mplayer.
You don't longer need to start a console and type some long pathnames to run a video.
Now you can easy select it with a dialog box and control the mplayer with the cursor buttons on your Zaurus.
I Hope someone find it useful.

Here's the actual download:

Shell Version 1.2 for mplayer
Now with some nicer Buttons on the bottom of the GUI

Shell Version 1.2 for mplayer, OpenZaurus Version
Changed some install pathes. Needs jeode (extraced with JeodCreator)

Source Code of Version 1.2 for mplayer
For those who want to improve it. (It would be nice, to send me a message about...)

Shell Version 1.1b for mplayer
It seemed, there were some wrong paths in the pkg and ipkg on the commandline failed.

Shell Version 1.1 for mplayer Removed !

Now there is a little 'more' Gui with some buttons, and films can also be played in windowed mode.
Also the control mechanism of mplayer is more stable

Older downloads:
Shell Version 1.0 for mplayer

Yours Armin